The Broken Wharfe Podcast

Welcome to the Wharfe!

July 08, 2022 Broken Wharfe Episode 1
The Broken Wharfe Podcast
Welcome to the Wharfe!
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John-Mark and Jonny set out on the Broken Wharfe Podcast adventure.

Why does this podcast exist? Why confessions of faith, and why is systematic theology important?

The confessional approach to theology, church life, and worship requires a commitment to systematic theology. If we don't see the need for systematic theology in the local church, or see it as something that is only for a few people who are interested that sort of thing, then we may not be persuaded by the benefits of having a confession of faith. So, what is systematic theology and why is it important for church life?

After chatting about hopes and plans for the new podcast, J and J-M get focused on what being confessional actually means and why we should do systematic theology at all.

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Book link:
Sam Renihan, Deity and Decree

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Jonathan Woodrow, Systematic Theology and Confessing the Faith

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International Reformed Baptist Seminary (IRBS)
For more information on IRBS in the UK see Trinity Grace Church Ramsbottom page here 

Why Broken Wharfe?
IRBS UK Patristics Course
Objections & Answers to Confessional Systematic Theology
Practical Applications of Confessional Systematic Theology
Deity & Decree by Samuel Renihan